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5 ***** Superior Wellness Hotel Heviz (185 M EUR)


Project details 

Total investment (EUR):185.000.000
Credit (EUR):166.200.000
Equity funding (EUR):18.800.000
Interest rate:4,50 % / year
Credit duration:14 years
Grace period:2 years
Employment:371 people

The project is based on wellness, medical and conference tourism, which is unique in Hungary and feature an outstanding complexity even in a countrywide comparison, with its special services would be unique on this touristic market not only in Hévíz-Nemesbük and on a national level, but in the whole East-Central European region as well, and is in itself a project demanding serious development.
The project is to be realized in Hévíz-Nemesbük, an area with unspoiled natural conditions, 5 kilometers from Hévíz (renowned for its thermal bath), in the Central Transdanubian region, in the vicinity of the greatest fresh water lake of Hungary (and of Central Europe as well), Lake Balaton, where we intend to create and operate a 5-star luxury hotel. The area provides a picturesquely beautiful view onto the gulf of Keszthely. A unique characteristic of the project is that the balneologic, therapeutic  background would be provided by the internationally renowned Semmelweis University of Budapest. Confirmed by statistic data, Hévíz is the most touristically frequented recreational zone nationally and on an annual basis, being of outstanding importance in several types of comparisons, and, together with Hajdúszoboszló, playing a leading role regarding guest nights spent.
As for our development ideas, they are based on market research, which has been being carried out to date using significant resources. It has been established that there is a high-level of demand for the highstandard hotel providing unique services which is to be realized through this project. The statistics for the year 2013 themselves clearly deomnstrate the rise in the guest traffic of 5-star hotels providing  outstandingly high-standard services and their continuous, nearly full-to-capacity utilization. Recognizing these demands have we decided on the accomplishment of the project, which is worked out very much in detail.

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