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Our services

Whether you are an investor or a project owner BillBarter is the solution. We are constantly developing firm on the global finance market. We currently have over 25000 business clients and we offer them a very wide range of services from IT developments to marketing distribution. Some would call that full business solutions but we actually do more. We can even help you to buy, sell or develop your business. We make dreams come true. Commercial mortgages, factoring, asset finance, corporate finance, property development finance, Management Buy-Outs, refinancing and business acquisition funding are some of the financial products dealt by us. We can do more. We can find your perfect joint venture partner or help you to find a professional way of turning your idea to a fully operational and highly lucrative fully operating business. Are you looking for the ideal investment opportunities or the perfect investors? We are ready to find you what you are looking for. If you need to know more, you are just a click away from getting in touch with our highly qualified and professional team to help you!

All our financiers are happy to work with us because our strict due diligence and professional team will always ensure that our clients will be happy to take the next steps towards their successful closing. Our large client base covering wide sectors will always ensure that we'll never run out of highly lucrative projects and will be able to offer a large sum of valuable investment opportunities. We always support all project owners registered with us to get properly prepared for being introduced to prospective financiers. All necessary checks will be carried out for ensuring that the project is at the stage when it's highly likely to get funded. All of the applicants are credit checked and background checked. Thanks to the highly professional, genuine and unique way we support our clients all of the deals we have in our portfolio will be ready for funding.

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