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Linear accelerator project (10 M EUR)


Project details 

Total investment (EUR):10.000.000
Interest rate (max.):5,70 % / year
Credit duration:6 years
Grace period:14 months
Exit strategy:1 year

Our company has a ten years history of medical equipment installation and execution of projects.

VARIAN Clinac HDX linear accelerator is a radiation therapy equipment used in the oncological care of the cancerous patients. The aim of the radiation therapy is to decrease the size of the tumour until the state appropriate for the surgical intervention or to eliminate the tumour in a way that the accelerator irradiates the planned target tumour by electrons and photons accelerated in electromagnetic field.The Varian equipment is outstanding over on the world.

The market of the equippment is already targeted, two Hungarian Hospitals consider the development of radiotherapy procedure to be extremely important, as the place and the role of the radiotherapy method within tumour therapy has been more and more significant for the previous decade both in international and in Hungarian level.

Compared to the lease financing of the initial investment, the purchase of the linear accelerator selected in this way and its insurance as a medical supplier and service shall be performed by a designated project company, as it is beneficial from both financial and in the financing point of view.

The investment including the purchase and installation of the three pieces VARIAN Clinac HDX linear accelerator and the Bank loan refinancing can be performed with the financing of 10,000,000 EUR.

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