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Developing a residential park near the capital of Hungary (45 M EUR)

developing a 302.000m2 closed residential park and service area near the capital of Hungary

Investment: 45.000.000 EUR

Sun Resindence

The project ideai is to create a 302.000m2 closed residential park with all faciliting services in the near the capital city of Hungary, in Dunavarsány city. The high quality and prestige homes would be targeting those who would escape the crowd, noise and other disadventages of the capital city but they would stay close to enjoy the benefit of multicolored life of Budapest.

The project's first steps would be as follows:
  • Purchasing the ownership of the company owning the property and the official permits.
  • Construction of the main utilities (water, sewige, electricity and gas).
  • Building of max. 545 living areas.

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