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Medical nutrition producing development (5 M EUR)

MedifoodSummary: Medical nutrition producing development
Investment: 5.000.000 EUR
Term: 7 years
Grace period: 2 years

Medifood is a medical nutrition company offering nutritional support for people affected by disease-related malnutrition. MediFood was founded for the purpose of developing research-based, innovative clinical nutrition products. Using state-of-the-art technology MediFood produces high-quality “Foods for Special Medical Purposes” (FSMP).

Medifood’s clinical nutrition market has an estimated size of Euro 1.9 billion in Europe, and it is expected to grow by 5-8% annually. The growth is mainly driven by unmet market needs. As recent studies show, despite that the malnutrition endangers the patients’ chances of recovery, one out of four hospitalized patients and one out of three senior housing residents are considered malnourished in Europe. Medifood develops an innovative, high energy content nutritional products designed for patients’ condition specific needs.

As a result of the positive medical professional feedback regarding its developments, Medifood launched  its product lines in Slovakia, Poland, and Australia. Medifood has also contracted with number of distributors in UK, Spain, Greek, Mongolia, and Slovenia with a potential notification and launch in 2016.
In order to support its production facility improvements and finance its market expansions, Medifood is seeking for financing.

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