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Bio coal producing factory in Hungary

Bio coal
developing a bio coal producing facility from agricultural waste.
Investment: 29.700.000 EUR
Location: Hungary
Term: 15 years
Grace period: 1 year
Interest rate: 6,5%/ year

The aim of the project is the introduce, operate and disseminate a production technology invented and patented in the United States, which processes source material considered as agricultural waste into biocoal useable at power plants or consumer market.

Product adventages
  • Processing cheap and available agricultural waste.
  • Use of low cost machinery.
  • Significantly lower starting and operating cost than in case of the existing biocoal processes.
  • Biocoal has a higher heating value than traditionally used biomass (wood chips, straw).
  • Considered as renewable energy source which is highly supported by the European Union.

  • Purchase of the land, size 1.600 ha.
  • Purchase of 5 biocoal production units with other
  • necessary equipments.
  • Development of the production facility.
  • Start to produce.


The biocoal produced would be sold mainly in Germany and other Western European nations. Currently Hungary has about 14,000,000 tons of unused, difficult to combust agricultural waste material, of which power plants use about 600,000 tons that are easier to burn. Per ton production costs, including transportation costs, would amount to €64.33, with sales prices expected in the range of €96-116 per ton. Production would be about 155 - 160,000 tons of biocoal per year from 210 - 220,000 tons of waste plant material.

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